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Is being 1st on a Search Engine always a good thing?

This is another of those questions that cross my mind occasionally and I wrestle with the idea, back and forth, and only sometimes come up with a good answer.
This is one of those.

I mean, the question seems so obviously YES that you must be wondering why I'm even bothering with it; and more to the point why I've got you reading about it.

Well; I'm not so sure it is necessarily as straight-forward as you would think.
Now don't get me wrong, I will always attempt to get to number 1 in the SERPs, but this question got me thinking about another consideration; and I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

With the number 1 position in the SERPs getting such a click-through rate, not getting to number 1 if you have opportunity would be strange to say the least. And for informational sites or MFA (made for advertising) sites and assorted others I'm sure, this is an absolute no brainer. Get to number 1.

BUT; what if you are a sales site. Is it that clear cut?

Here's what happened to me to trigger the question.
I was looking for a product, so naturally I did a search.
Found the results.
Clicked on the first result and went to that website.

Sounds good? Sounds familiar?

NOW, because it was not a product I was totally familiar with the cost of, and to get some comparison pricing, I went to the next in the list. Then the third.

They were all charging more or less the same; same delivery; etc. So I bought it.


I bought it at the LAST store I visited and not the FIRST!

So, in this case, being FIRST in the SERPs was a bad thing from a conversion point of view.

Once again, I'm not saying you shouldn't strive tpo be 1st in the SERPs; you should, since you can never know when someone will buy or move on. BUT, to answer my question:

Is being 1st on a Search Engine always a good thing?

The answer for me is a qualified NO.

So, what do we do about this

I have a few ideas, though none are a one size fits all solution. Perhaps I'll do a post at some point in the future and share them with you.

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