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Personalised Pens from Printed Products

Perfect for bulk promotions; printed pens with your text or logo don't just get your name seen once, but they get it repeatedly seen, AND passed around - now that really is building brand recognition.

A much ado about something | A Blog by Kevin Hardey


Well I was working for JAM Business Media and was doing all my blogging there, but they've now pheonixed and I didn't move over and so I will be 'business blogging' on here again shortly. For anyone interested in my attempts as 'social blogging' you can find me on (tumblr)

Why a blog on here?

At the start of the year (2011 just in case I actually keep this up well) I found a blogging site (don't ask why, I don't remember now) and thought you know, it's about time I had a go at this; I have things to say; go for it...... So, I did.

I carefully read the terms and conditions, looked at other content, all seemed OK to me. So I started. Writing about some fun stuff, some serious stuff, and some general day to day, this is my life type of stuff (a lot of stuff in this sentence, oh well) and I was getting a small readership; made me feel quite good about myself I must say.

Then, DISASTER, man overboard, I wrote an article about the conning that goes on in the SEO business and gave a number of tips on how to avoid them, referred to a couple of articles on here, and 'whammm' I could no longer log in to the blog site and that article was never published.

Now, I'm trying to be charitable here and assume that I was banned because I broke some rule (though I don't believe I did and I never got any response from the blog support team to my queries) and not that I was banned because I was exposing practises that many on the blog MAY have been keen on using.

Regardless, it is now a few months later and I thought that I would have a stab at blogging again; once again with some generalaties about my life and, now that I have my blog on my own website, some blatent and unrepentent self publicity for myself, my clients and anyone else I deem worthy - along with I hope, some guest posts by people I have discussions, debates, and even possibly arguments with (almost certainly over politics in the case of the arguments - so feel free to skip those if politics puts you to sleep).

Will I be re-posting my previous blog posts here

No. One of the conditions of the blog where I previously posted was that you were not allowed to re-use your posts elsewhere, they wanted unique content. And I respect that. So all the posts on this site will be brand new.

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A mix of wiki-style and other useful information from around the UK blended with a mix of businesses in the tourism industry and other advertisers to help you find your way around on your trip to the UK.


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